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If you are super fan, join the brigade Square-enix, brings your work and enjoy Kupo!
The perfect group of square enix, The group will grow with your help!
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Hello again people!

Well,the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly greets us with a brand new interview with Series Director Tetsuya Nomura. He takes the opportunity to relay some more information regarding the two recently announced and most anticipated titles in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3 and HD 2.5 ReMix.

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   Tetsuya Nomura:

"These attractions, which is currrently in development, are the evolution of KH3D's Flowmotion and they can be selected according to particular enemies. These are a small portion of these new elements."

   "In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora learns three new abilities. Two of which are special abilities and one that changes the Keyblade. It has the motif of Disney attractions, the Keyblade changes differently depending which Keyblade is equipped, and the special abilities, evolved from KH3D's flowmotion, are activated depending which enemy it is."

   "We are working diligently to brush up 2.5 much more than 1.5."

   "The trailer we showed of Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't its true quality and we will continue to update it. Sora has three new skills and they are categorized into two parts: Changing the Keyblade's form and abilities that reflect attractions. The Keyblade style changes according to the Keyblade equipped."

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:bulletred: Edit #1: It appears that the interview is actually just a brief message. SQEXGAL  has translated it in its entirety, available below and on her website:

 It’s a privilege to be apart of today’s event, the first D23 Expo Japan. The last time I stood in front of fans was for the premier presentation of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, so it’s been a long time. I was moved by everyone’s excited response. If I have the chance I’d like to do this sort of thing again.

   I wanted to put out the information for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts 3 quickly for those who couldn’t attend, so we made the trailer public online. Since they’re both still in production, the trailers are short, but I hope that fans enjoy them. We are brushing up Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 even more that 1.5, even the staff is doing their best to improve it as much as possible.

   Also, this is the first time that KH3 was shown using in-engine footage, but it’s not in a condition where viewers can fully grasp it. We’re going to improve the quality much more still after this. In the trailer you see 3 of Sora’s new moves, and they demonstrate the 2 attack systems, the first being Keyblade transformation. The Keyblade transformation is different for each Keyblade, and the battle style changes as well.

   The second is the Disney attraction inspired Attraction Flow. Attraction Flow is an evolution of Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Flowmotion. With Attraction Flow, you can choose which move you want to use against which enemies on the spot, and even during an enemy outbreak you control Sora’s attacks. These new actions are just a fraction of Kingdom Hearts 3′s new components, so please wait for information hereafter.

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In the framework of this new E3 2013, the company Square Enix was instructed to leave happy to his fans by announcing two games that were expected for years by fans, who were desperate for any news. On the one hand, the title of RPG that brings together the characters from the Disney universe in Kingdom Hearts III. And on the other hand Final Fantasy XV(The famous Final Fantasy versus XIII That the fans were expecting), the new delivery of one of the most important sagas.

The new generation of consoles will bring to our hands a direct continuation of the hybrid Final Fantasy/Disney with the release of Kingdom Hearts III. The RPG who knew how to dazzle all in PlayStation 2 consoles and laptops with great stories and gameplay (such as Final Fantasy has accustomed us, bah).

Trailer of KH III:

But this was not all; Square Enix had another ace up the sleeve and was the announcement of the missing in action Final Fantasy Versus XIII which now will be converted to Final Fantasy XV. A game that as we see, will be based to a greater extent in the action which in turn-based strategy.

Trailer of  Final Fantasy XV

During the conference, which took at E3 2013, the company developer revealed details more substantial of this game trailer that shows part of the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV. In the video you can see the armed forces of Niflheim launching a devastating attack on the Kingdom of Lucis, while prince Noctis along with their comrades are trying to cope with them.
 Official site of Kingdom Hearts III
 Official site of Final Fantasy XV  
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Hello people moguri by yuki-sparda!

Some rules:

• No Art-Thief, only self made works please, it can be fan arts, OC's etc, but no stolen artworks.

• Only Square Enix related work, any art is allowed, signatures, pictures, screenshot. cosplay etc...

And finally... have fun and enjoy!I ,hope this group grow a lot!(≧∇≦)/

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